History of

Blood:Water Mission

Since their launch in 2004, Blood:Water has raised over $27 million through the creative efforts of tens of thousands of individuals seeking to make a difference. They believe that Africa holds the leadership, creativity, passion and resolve necessary to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises. That’s why they’ve spent the past ten years working alongside more than a dozen African organizations to bring clean water and HIV/AIDS support to 1 million people in 11 countries.

But, it is a slowly by slowly, uneven kind of progress. While access to water has increased dramatically in the last decade and some places are seeing a reduction in new HIV infections, millions still need safe water and health and support services for HIV. The stakes are high, and lives are at risk – for women and children, mostly. Blood:Water is morally implicated in this. It is personal for them, and they’re not backing down.

They know that the only way the world can see the end of the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa is to continue to build the movement of families, universities, churches, businesses, artists, medical professionals, athletes and individuals like YOU to join us in the fight.

ATO & Blood:Water

Lasting Partners

Blood:Water Mission has been the chosen philanthrophy of Iota Phi since the charity’s founding in 2004. Last year in the 2015-2016 school year, Iota Phi raised more than $30,000 for Blood:Water.

The proceeds from Iota Phi’s four signature events, Disco is Dead?, Teeter Tauter, Jailbreak, and Blood:Water Golf Classic, all go to fund Blood:Water’s life saving efforts. Iota Phi looks forward each semester to working with the staff of Blood:Water in their vital mission.